Adele ”25” will not make her a Legend

Adele album review

Despite the media frenzy, I still think that Adele’s 25 is just hype. When one listens to the whole album in it’s entirety , you realize that despite the Album using the same genres ” Soul , rythm & blues etc… the soulful sound , or feel is lost throughout the whole body of work, something does not ring true in the arrangments. We must remember that it was this element of soul carried through that voice which made people fall in love with Adele in the first place. People made ”Hello” a worldwide success simply because they missed Adele herself, her voice, going to her concert…not because the song was particularly great. Unfortunately 25, does not help Adele solidify herself as a long lasting act & Legend, which is what you would expect with a star of her caliber. Her team will have to deliver a new effort which must NOT be released after a long hiatus this time, to be truely impactful.

What do you really think of Adele’s 25? Leave your heartfelt and thorough analysis below.

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