Why Rihanna’s Album Anti is NOT an OUTLAW

Rihana Album Review

Here’s why Rihanna’s new Album is not an ”OUTLAW” persay… :

  • Long hiatus trend seems to have driven sales , see ” Adele”
  • Key points: Album embodies ‘’Anti’’ concept : songs under 3 min using Alternative sounds style/Underground pop, explores different sounds and instrumentals, music influences
  • Rihanna uses a different set of vocal styles, showcasing a more intimate feel, reminiscing private and live concert albums
  • Lack of vocal execution on key tracks such as ‘’Love on the Brain’’
  • Departure from the ‘’Anthemic/catchy ’’ Rihanna sound
  • Highlights : ‘’Work’’ , ‘’Love on the Brain’’ , ‘’Close to you’’
  • The visuals to the album will be a force for this Album and drive further sales

Overall rating:  3.8  out of 5 stars

How many stars do you give ” Anti” ? Comment below !

Purchase ”Anti” on Google Play

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