Fashion Series 1: Beyoncé The Great

Fashion series 1: Beyoncé The Great


As everybody knows by now. Beyoncé has been chosen as Time’s magazine, most influential person of the year. However what also caught my eye is the fashion for the magazine cover. The clothes are subtle, well balanced and bold all at the same time.


Notice the ‘’boyish white panties’’ instead of a sexier underwear. The choice reminds of a masculine underwear the ‘’boxer’’. The next very interesting piece is the shirt, notice the way the shirt is pinned inside the panties and only on one side. The look is topped with the quasi inexistent makeup, and only straight hair, no particular hairdo. The whole shoot is very well thought because; she is the most influential person in the world right now, so the masculine innuendo is I guess a reference to her strong business skills & power. However, let’s not forget she’s wearing bra and panties with a see-through shirt coupled with long hair which reminds you of her sexy and feminine side. As a whole the shoot is a great combination of concepts and her personal style. As for the reason why she was chosen as most influential, I do agree with the publication. Furthermore, I think that with this ‘’surprise’’ album and such striking yet subtle imagery, the best of the Beyoncé is yet to come, she’s on her way to becoming an ‘’Icon’’.

As for myself, my music is coming very very soon.

see you xoxo



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