For a universal music experience


I feel like an amalgamation of music is necessary. Record labels should focus on a universal radio where music from all over the world is played,without classification.For a Universal music experience 2



Let the radio be a universal dj that plays music with an organic transitional sense. The radio where u could hear the 5th symphony of Beethoven right after Tupac’s Keep ya head up followed by the Wall’s ‘’Hey you’’ … for example’’. These stations could later be ‘’musical museums’’ Then we will achieve an advanced state in music.



It is only by the way described, that music will really feel like an experience for everybody. Because, MUSIC, needs to be held at a higher standard like it was before, just like when supermodels where really SUPERMODELS in the 90’s with Naomie Campbell, Claudia Scheffer and Linda Evangelista… Sadly, MUSIC is following the same road , but on at a far slower pace.

And if record companies are worried about sales, well in following this higher state of thinking I feel like the whole recording industry would benefit thus artist sales going up too. Because people still believe in real things and still love quality.

My new song ” Wild passion” is coming very soon… 😉



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