Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, inspired by a ”Clokwork Orange”?

Hi World! As I promised here’s my first post in a very long time…

I found something interesting….Isn’t the upcoming album of Lana Del Rey titled ”Ultraviolence” inspired by the 1971 Stanley Kubrick’s film Clockwork Orange? Lana del rey/Clockwork Orange

Notice the similarity in the specific words or ”terms” shall I say ‘’ultra-violence’’, in the movie description (left) and utraviolence in the album title (right).  However Lana removed the dash in between ultra and violence. The newly coined term without a dash seems more artistic and ‘’hip’’. Let’s also remember, that Lana is a ”visual” artist, her love for cinema is often demonstrated in her videos, for example the lengthy video clip for her song , ‘’Ride’’ . Also, the title of her first single is ”West Coast” which rings a bell in my head but I won’t say more… If the album is indeed inspired by the flick this should be quite an interesting and even controversial musical project, to say the least. In all cases, time will tell if Lana was truly inspired by one of the greatest movie of all times, according to Empire, but also one the most disturbing and deranged picture in my opinion.

Did you notice my banner changed ?My new song ”Wild Passion” will be out very, very soon April 14th” come back to hear it !! 🙂



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