Should I go to the strip club with my boyfriend?

Your partner has recently asked you if you guys could go to the strip club together. Since then, you’ve picked a dandelion wondering to go or not to go… and still you can’t find the answer. Well, here’s a little something to help you make a decision.

Let’s start with the reasons why you’re going : monitor , making sure your partner isn’t cheating , making your boyfriend feel free while being in a relationship and play the cool girlfriend.

The reasons why you shouldn’t go:  Generally speaking, people determine how to treat you based on the perception they have of you. By going to the strip club you might subconsciously send the message that you have low standards. Low standards lead to wrong perceptions which, lead to disrespect which then leaves the door wide open to cheating. In the end it can cause a real damage to your relationship.

To conclude, I could tell you YOLO (you only live once) like rapper Drake says, so do whatever  you please. Instead I will tell you LWCM (live with the choices you’ve made), like Milva Von Akan says.  After all, life is a result of choices we’ve made.

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5 thoughts on “Should I go to the strip club with my boyfriend?

  1. This is such an interesting question. I personally am not against my boyfriend going to a strip club with his friends but I personally would feel a bit awkward in that I wouldn’t know what to do and I think he’d feel more awkward with me being there. I think if I went I would be trying too hard to seem like a ‘cool’ girlfriend and would actually come off seeming the opposite!

      1. You’re very welcome 🙂
        I did and it was very well written so no problems with understanding what you were trying to communicate 😀
        How would you feel about your partner asking you to a strip club if I may ask?

          1. Haha fair enough, every one has different views and they should be respected. Hopefully neither of us will get asked, it seems rather awkward and a rather weird thing to ask…

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